July 9th/10th PGVC Beach Doubles Volleyball Tournament

Tournament Dates:
⭐🏐 Saturday, July 9th & Sunday, July 10th 🏐⭐

Start Time:
Saturday – All matches will begin @ 9:00 am
Sunday- All matches will begin @ 8:30 am
** Tournament will run rain or shine **

Trillium Center Beach Courts – 101 Crimson Drive, Sherwood Park

20 Women’s Beach Doubles Teams

Tournament Format:

Round 1 – Seeding Round (Saturday morning)
** Seeding round will consist of 2 games to 21 points **
Round 2 – Crossover Matches (Saturday afternoon)
** Crossover matches will be best of 3, 21/21/15 **
Round 3 – Double Elimination Playoff (Sunday morning)
** Playoff matches will be best of 3, 21/21/15 **

🏆 CASH Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in each Playoff Division!! 🏆

FIVB Beach Volleyball Rules will apply

  • NO overhand passing (setting) on serve receive or free balls – will only be allowed when defending a hard-driven attack
  • NO open hand tipping – no fingertips, must play the ball from knuckles or fist
  • BLOCKS count as a touch – if a player blocks an attack they may play it again, but their teams next contact must go over the net
  • NO SIDE SETTING – When setting over the Net to your opponents, your feet and shoulder must be square to where the ball lands
  • NO net touches are allowed
  • Crossing under the net is allowed as long as you do not interfere with anyone or the play
  • Players/teams are to call faults on themselves – Please re-serve the ball if there is a disagreement with a call